Friday, January 13, 2006

Thursday's pix

Here are Kirk Schlea's shots from Wednesday, when the Centre group visited a neighborhood in New Orleans' 9th Ward.

A barge lies in a neighborhood in the 9th Ward of New Orleans. It was washed over the levy and in to the neighborhood during the flooding after Hurricane Katrina.
Taylor Thistlewaite looks at a full spool of thread that was somehow left perfectly intact in the rubble of a home completely destroyed.
Taylor Thistlewaite and Kim Leake look at the remains of a car.
Centre students play cards in the Mess Tent at Camp Algiers after a day of work for the Salvation Army.

Kim Leake, Brandon Rosen, Ryan Smith, and Taylor Thistlethwaite wander next to a car demolished by Hurricane Katrina.
Kate Smiley pauses and reflects on a statue left standing.


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